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In a Nutshell, Here's What's Included in the 4-Week Private Group Coaching:

  • 4 60-90 Minute EXCLUSIVE Sessions Every Week (Hot Seat Style Q&A) with Avram & Nikki ($8,000 Value)
  • Breaking Through Mental Blocks and Barriers Group Sessions (Quantum Coaching) ($8,000 VALUE)
  • Money Magic Miracles mp3 Audio Recording (Listen While You Sleep) ($497 VALUE)
  • A Surprise Bonus! 😉 ($97 VALUE)
  • A Special Exclusive Discounted Offer for Our Next Coaching (No One Else will Get this Offer and it will NOT be Made Known to the Public!) (Secret VIP $ Value)
  • Just Added: The "How to Fall in Love with Getting Filthy Rich" Bonus Module (Our Team Had to Pay $500 to get this!) [$500 VALUE]
  • Total Value= $9094

Special Price: $497

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Group Coaching Dates:
Tuesday, December 30th, 8pm EST
Wednesday, January 7th, 8pm EST
Wednesday, January 14th, 8pm EST
Wednesday, January 21st, 8pm EST
(Schedule is Subject to Change with Minimum 48 Hours Notice)

1. How will Quantum Coaching benefit my Facebook marketing? We’re going beyond abstract concepts of self development or “mindset”-  what we’re talking about in this class is the “spinach in your teeth” marketing that’s not allowing you to “show your smile”  without people being distracted by the unconscious stuff you’re doing. Everyone gets spinach in their teeth once in a while.

Most of us have it more often than we realize because even the nicest people feel weird telling us it’s there! 

The “spinach in your teeth” is like the “glaring issue” that people see about you when market  out there. 

Be honest, when you’re talking to someone and they have a huge gunk of food in their teeth, can you really focus on the conversation? You probably can’t help but feel a little grossed out and repelled. This is how most people walk around in their marketing. During the Quantum Coaching Program, we’re creating a “safe space” where you can clear out that “food in your teeth” so you can market your business with total Confidence that you’re being your Magnetic Self out there. 

2. How is this different than other coaching? Having spent over $20,000 on their coaching certifications, Avram and Nikki have trailed the world to work with the best of the best teachers and trainers. It’s extremely rare to find coaches who have worked with the broad spectrum of teachers and leaders that this couple has.  It’s also rare to meet coaches who have implemented some of the most powerful “quantum level” consciousness teachings in the world into a network marketing and business arena- AND succeeded. 

There’s a lot of spiritual people who can’t put their feet on the ground, and a lot of people in business who can’t connect with their Higher Self. What’s unique about Avram and Nikki is that they can show you how to have a “Holistic” business- not just symbolically or conceptually, but as an actuality. They take some of the most “out there” tools & ideas and show you how to use them in a very pragmatic way. 

3. How is this different than the 4-Week FB Wealth Code class? The 4 Week Class is Focused on Content and Curriculum to give you the Foundation of how to Market on Facebook the “FB Wealth Code” way. :-) The Quantum Coaching Program is focused on having “Hot Seat Style” sessions, in which participants can get individually coached & facilitated on their individual marketing. Imagine being in a Tony Robbins event (or your favorite teacher). The 4 Week class is like listening to the content delivered from the Stage, and getting to ask some questions from the back of the room. While the Quantum Coaching is like getting to go up *On* stage and having Tony Robbins work with you Personally! Next Level, right?!

4. Will I have the chance to get over the shoulder specific guidance and feedback on my Facebook Marketing? Yes! In fact, it’s a huge reason we created this Program. During the regular 4 Week FB Wealth Code Class, there isn’t any time to give people that feedback. Even just answering general questions here and there, we’ve been running *over* the 90 minute weekly sessions. We’re happy to over deliver, however there are certain things you can’t get to in a larger group.  We wanted to give people a chance to get more customized guidance and feedback on their profiles + marketing.

This program gives greater attention to those who really want to go to the next level. 

5. Will you be Coaching me on Subjects or Stuff NOT Related to Facebook Marketing? This Quantum Program is a Customized session series, and will depend on what *you* bring to the table, combined with your classmates. That being said, the end goal is for you to have massive transformation and success in your marketing. So while we WILL dive into clearing the deeper blocks you have which you don’t even KNOW affect your marketing- all the issue we explore will be with the end goal in mind.

6. Will these sessions be recorded if I can’t make it live? Yes, they will be. Even better than that, if you can’t make it, you can send in your questions *before* the class. This way we can answer your questions even when you’re not there. Of course, the class is going to be so amazing that the only reason you’ll miss it would be something crazy like an alien invasion. ;-) Now just to be honest attending live IS going to give you the best and most massive transformation. But just in case something really urgent has you pulled away, we have you covered.

What Your Classmate Trish Roess Had to Say
About Coaching with Nikki and Avram (from this past weekend!)

It started with a simple question “Have you met people who have been able to make a 180 degree shift?”

Avram and Nikki’s answer to my question was an unequivocal YES.

But how do I get from here to there?

That’s where the surprise comes in.  Avram and Nikki invited the FB Wealth Coders to a special surprise Sunday session.

What an extraordinary gift Nikki and Avram!  

Nikki and Avram opened up a whole different way of looking at things – and gave me a barometer to use to determine if a feeling I am feeling or a thought I am thinking is me or not.  I am no longer carrying the things I released around with me. It is truly extraordinary – I feel lighter and happier – and almost as an understated aside:

I see a path forward I actually want to take.

You cannot put a dollar amount on it – it can’t be measured that way.  

I am grateful to Nikki and Avram beyond measure. I immediately signed up for the 4-Week Quantum Coaching then and there.  I want to continue to explore this path forward and learn more from Nikki and Avram and my fellow FB Wealth Coders. The energy in our class, the support and experience of being in a class where everyone wants to learn and grow has been exceptional and I believe that the 4-Week Quantum Coaching will take us further than I thought possible. I can’t wait to see what is about to unfold.

Trish Roess FB Wealth Code Participant

This is Why Your Classmates Chose
to Become Part of the Quantum Coaching Program

After the bonus on Sunday I realized after hearing Trish’s story that maybe I have some underlying things that hold me back from reaching my goal and the success I want.

Elaine Rosales FB Wealth Code Participant

I am truly looking forward to this! It is so important for me to be with, communicate with, like-minded people … It is where I am fed.

Ellie Walsh FB Wealth Code Participant

Your approach to marketing resonates with me and therefore attracted me. I therefore will pursue new information / knowledge that will help me develop a skill set in this area for our business. Also, I’m open and eager to reduce resistances that may be present for further development of myself. I’m very pleased about this opportunity.

Carol Makowski FB Wealth Code Participant

It wasn’t easy parting with $497, but I felt it would cost me 100 times that amount in frustration, agony and opportunity if I didn’t just do it. I haven’t been this excited in years.

Thank you for the opportunity and tremendous value.

Robert McCann FB Wealth Code Participant


  • 4 60-90 Minute EXCLUSIVE Hot Seat Style Q&A with Avram & Nikki (Chances for Critiques and More Attention on Your Facebook Marketing)
  • Breaking Through Mental Blocks and Barriers Group Sessions (Quantum Coaching)
  • Money Magic Miracles mp3 Audio Recording (Listen While You Sleep)
  • A Surprise Bonus! ;-)
  • A Special Exclusive Discounted Offer for Our Next Coaching- No One Else will Get this Offer and it will NOT be Made Known to the Public! (Secret VIP $ Value)
  • Just Added: The “How to Fall in Love with Getting Filthy Rich” Bonus Module- Transform your Money Beliefs Forever…



Special Price: $9094 $497

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