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What No One Else Knows About Facebook That's Allowed This Couple to Earn Over $250,000 in 19 Months Using 100% Free Facebook Strategies

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Week One: The 6-Figure Foundation

  • The 4 Most Common FB Profile Setup Mistakes and How to Fix Them


  • Nikki's 'Fab 5' to Create Absolute Fire with Everything You Post


  • What You Should Have Been Taught About Target Marketing That Nobody Else is Teaching You


  • The FB Wealth Code: 10 Undeniable Principles for 6-Figure FB Success

Week Two: Getting a Tribe That 'Gets' You

  • A Simple 20-Minute Daily Method of Operation Anyone Can Follow That Adds 10-50 Quality Friends and Followers Per Day


  • Going Beyond the 'Incestual' Pond of Network Marketing Where Your Competition Hasn't Dared to Go


  • How to Exponentialize the Number of Friend Requests that You Receive with Something You Only Have to Do Once


  • Tearing Down the Unconscious and Invisible Walls that are Driving Your Prospects Away


  • How to Use 'Layered Engagement' to Attract More Followers Without Any Extra Work

Week Three: Super Star Status Updates

  • Discover What FB Really Wants From You So Your Posts Stay at the Top of the Newsfeed No Matter How Many Times They Change the Algorithm


  • Never Run Out of Ideas for Content to Post: Plug and Play with Our Proven Content Templates


  • What Most People are Doing Completely Wrong in Trying to Get More Engagement on their Posts (Just Being Aware of this Automatically Puts You Into the Top 5%)

Week Four: Monetize Like Magic

  • How to Create Profit Pulling FB Posts that Rake in Leads and Sales Without Pissing Off Your Friends and Family


  • The #1 Most Effective Time of Day to Post Your Promotional Links (It Doesn't Matter What Industry You're in, this Works Every Single Time)


  • The $1 Dollar Per Day FB Retargeting Formula That Increased Our Lead Flow by Over 100%


  • StorySelling Secrets: How to Package and Tell Your Story in a Way that Gets People to Take Action, Buy Your Stuff, Tell All Their Friends About You and THEN Come Back and Buy Even MORE Stuff! (This One Skillset Alone Can Multiply Your Total Income in 2015)
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When You Purchase Before the Timer Hits Zero You Will Also Get...



Free VIP Access to the Next FB Wealth Code 4-Week Class in 2015! (Value $997+)

We will be launching this class EVEN BIGGER in February, 2015. However, it will retail at 2-3 times the current price (Up to $997).

Buy Now and get completely free access to the next $997 class…Only Catch? We simply ask that you Take action during our 4 weeks together, produce a measurable result, and record a video testimonial for this class. That should be easy since you’re signing up for this to take action anyway :-) 

So basically, when you get better results in your business because of taking this class (no matter how big or small) you automatically get the next one for free. Good deal right?

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re not 100% confident, that’s OUR Job. We’re confident that when you follow our training, you’ll get a result you can talk about ;-) :-) 



Guaranteed Affiliate Status for the February 2015 Re-Launch of the FB Wealth Code

When you have a great experience with a product, it’s easy to Recommend them to People Right?

We thought it would be Awesome to Extend the Rights to you* to be able to Promote this class- and Receive a 50% Commission for each Sign up!

Truthfully? We’re not going to let “just anyone” promote our Class as an Affiliate. Because there’s a lot of gunk and spam flying around, when we Re-Launch in 2015, we’re Choosing Marketers who have “finesse” and a real sense of Attraction Marketing.

We’re Confident that being one of our Attendees, you’ll be armed with the Tools and the “Wealth Codes” you need to Market this Class Beautifully and Effectively. So if you buy now and attend the Class, you’ll be Qualified to make Extra Cash on the next Round.

(So for example, if our price goes up to $497, you’ll make $248.50. If the price goes up to $997, you’ll make $498.00)



Access to the Exclusive FB Wealth Code 4-Week Class Mastermind Group (Value $97)

Where two or more are gathered… magical things happen! Earn the ability to ask Avram & Nikki questions between classes and receive real-time feedback.

Become part of this intimate mastermind group experience where you can network with other high caliber entrepreneurs and grow together in a supportive and contributive environment to help your business blossom.



3-5 Completely Unadvertised Surprise Bonuses (Value $500+)

Who doesn’t love surprises? At various points throughout the 4-week class we’ll deliver these Surprise bonuses which are sure to delight and blow your mind! (oh, AND take your Business to the Next Level!)



Next Level StorySelling
with Chris Rocheleau (Value: $197)

Chris Rocheleau has literally earned hundreds of thousands of dollars online over the last few years through his ‘StorySelling’ methods, completely turning the industry on it’s head.

Chris’ fresh approach will both demystify the elements of an incredible story that moves people to buy, and simplify the process so that literally anyone can do it.

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Here's What Other People Are Saying About the FB Wealth Code 4-Week Class:


Nikki and Avram – Oh you guys rock. Having seen your ability to drive traffic, make sales and duplicate what you know to your clients is pretty dang awesome to see. There are only a handful of marketers who can do what you do on Facebook in terms of building relationships and producing… flat out producing.

Lawrence Tam, 7 Figure Network Marketer Lawrence Tam, "Engineering Your Success."

Paul Hutchings, Multiple 6 Figure Marketer + Motivational Speaker


Sheena Cap, Shy Girl to 'Social Media Maven' in Just One Class!


Sara Leann: FB Attendee Getting the Clarity She Needed!


Alicia Fields: Made $50 in 30 Minutes Right After Our Last Webinar!

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In Summary, This is Everything You Get When You Register for the FB Wealth Code

  • 1

    4-Weeks of Group Training Sessions with Avram and Nikki ($997 Value)

  • 2

    Video Recordings of Each Training ($97 Value)

  • 3

    Audio Recordings of Each Training So You Can Listen Any Time You Want ($47 Value)

  • 4

    Free Access to the 2015 FB Wealth Code Re-Launch ($997 Value)

  • 5

    Guaranteed Affiliate Status for 2015 FB Wealth Code Re-Launch (Worth what you Sell 🙂

  • 6

    Access to Private FB Wealth Code Mastermind Community ($97 Value)

  • 7

    3-5 Completely Unadvertised Surprise’ Bonuses ($500+ Value)

  • 8

    Next Level StorySelling with Chris Rocheleau (Multiple 6 Figure Earner) ($197 Value)

Total Value: $2982!


Where Are the Dates for the Classes? (we Gotchya 😉

√ 4-Weeks of Group Training Sessions

√ Video Recordings/Replays of Each Training

√ Audio Recordings of Each Training

√ Free Access to the 2015 FB Wealth Code Re-Launch

√ Guaranteed Affiliate Status

√ Private FB Wealth Code Mastermind Community

√ 3-5 Surprise’ Bonuses

√ StorySelling Module with Chris Rocheleau (Multiple 6 Figure Earner)

ONLY $2982 $297!

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