How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers by Blogging

how to get your first 1000 email subscribers by blogging

I had one of the most intense dreams the other night.

My breathing was fast, my senses were going wild.

When I finally woke my mind was BUZZING with excitement…

… over a new marketing idea that will help a LOT of people get real results through blogging.

I know I’m not the only one who has marketing fantasies. It’s okay, you can admit it, too.

Anyway, with the launch of this brand new blog, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to demonstrate in real-time what’s possible with blogging.

I asked my friends on Facebook what they wanted to learn most:

A. How to Grow a Brand New Blog to 1,000 Email Subscribers from Scratch

B. How to Grow a Brand New Blog to 1,000 Page Views per Day from Scratch

The response was pretty tremendous:

An overwhelming majority of people are interested in learning how to turn their blogs into lead generating machines.

Because if you can get the leads, it means you have to get the traffic at some point. And, more subscribers typically means a bigger paycheck.

So over the next few weeks, starting with today, I’m going to show you how to get your first 1,000 email subscribers by blogging.

I’ll post a weekly update every Friday on this blog sharing exactly what I’m doing to grow this blog to 1,000 email subscribers.

Literally, everything.

– The overall strategies I’m using

– The blog posts and guest articles I’m posting

– Syndication strategies

– Traffic counts and backlinks

– Conversion optimization

– Tools and resources

– Paid advertising + retargeting

Every week when you come to this blog, you’ll get an update on what I did in the previous week to grow this blog to 1,000 email subscribers from scratch.

If you want to get an update every Friday on what I’m doing to grow this blog, go ahead and put your information into the form below. I’ll also send you a little somethin’ somethin’ as a gift you can enjoy right away.

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Lets get this party started shall we?

Getting Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers by Blogging

In being 100% transparent with you, I want to share with you a little bit of my internet marketing history so you can set proper expectations for how quickly you’ll be able to duplicate my results.

In 2010 I started my very first blog, knew absolutely nothing, and blogged every day for an entire year.

In that first year I did not have a single opt-in on my website and therefore built no email list (big-time oops!)

However, I did average about 120 hits to my website every day and peaked at around 5,000 visits in a single month.

Fast forward to today, I’ve got a few different blogs that are sort of unfocused but have helped generate a multiple 6-figure income from home through a combination of free Facebook marketing strategies and blogging.

I don’t really have much more traffic than I did in 2010, and it took roughly two years to build a list of 2,500 subscribers through FB and Blogging. I have no idea how many subscribers came through FB versus blogging… so the true test of my blogging skills will come through this little experiment 😉

I believe with the proper strategy, focus, and determination I’ll be able to generate the first 1,000 leads with this blog in the next 30-60 days.

The Overall Strategy to Get 1,000 Email Subscribers

I’m going to focus on creating only two blog posts per week, and doing everything possible to syndicate them across the web to get more traffic.

Part of that will be repurposing my content into written, audio, and video content.

So for example taking the blog post and then…

  • Doing a video about it
  • Ripping the audio from the video
  • Turning the content into an image
  • Turning the content into a slideshow or PDF

And then I can take all those little pieces and share them out onto various social sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Squidoo
  • Medium

You get the picture, right?

I reckon I’ll also be jumping on to get some help taking my videos and syndicating them to all the video sites to help leverage my time and extend my reach.

I’m also a firm believer that people will receive so much value from these weekly updates that they’ll want to share it with their friends. So I believe word-of-mouth will play a large part in helping to grow the community here at

That’s the starting strategy. I’ve never really done guest posting, forum marketing, or retargeting for my blogs.

However, I expect that I’ll be pushed far outside of my comfort zone to try new things purely through the social pressure of knowing others are watching…

Launching Your Blog – You Only Launch Once!

It actually took me about two weeks to get this blog to where you see it is now. I actually deleted it on accident once, and also crashed it a number of times while tinkering with the code to see if I could make some modifications. Bad idea.

The good news is, you don’t need anything fancy to launch effectively.

What’s Necessary to Launch Your Blog

Keeping the objective in mind for reaching 1,000 email subscribers there’s only a handful of things that really matter.

What doesn’t really matter, at least from my perspective, is the overall design.

I chose to build this WordPress blog on the Optimize Press 2.0 theme because I can build capture pages right into it, and it’s designed for conversions which we’ll talk about in a minute.

Your blog doesn’t need to be pretty to convert, just make sure it’s not totally fugly when you get started.

That’s why I grabbed OP2 – it’s super clean and easy to work with.

I have a handful of the basic pages set up across the navigation bar, and will be adding a ton more as we move forward.

However, I did take some advice from Glen over at from his blog post the 24 Thing I Do When Launching a New Blog and prepared a handful of “Remarkable” blog posts to start.

Here’s my ‘starter’ posts on this blog:

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People on Facebook
  2. What Do I Post on Facebook to Get More Engagement and Grow a Following?
  3. Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook Book Review – Who Was JJJRH Really Written For?
  4. How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers by Blogging (This Post)

People are going to be super curious when they first arrive here and they’ll want to poke around and see what else this site has to offer.

Optimize for Conversions

All over this site there’s places where you can put in your email to receive updates and special gifts from me. Remember the objective… get leads! Not only do I ask for email addresses in each of my blog posts, there’s banners and pop-ups everywhere asking for emails in exchange for a free gift.

Quick Note: Make sure you’ve got a solid Lead Magnet ready to give to your blog visitors when you launch… If you don’t have credibility in your industry or niche yet, most people will not respond to your opt-in forms that say “Subscribe to My Newsletter”

Not sure what to create as your lead magnet? Check out these 19 Ideas for Killer Lead Magnets.

People want to know specifically what they’re going to get when they opt-in to your email forms.

I started this website with a lead magnet which is an eBook that teaches you how to get free leads on Facebook with a super cool strategy I developed.

Built-in Conversions with OptimizePress 2.0 Theme

Here’s two features I’m using from OptimizePress 2.0 to get more leads from this blog…

OptimizePress 2.0 Feature Box

On the front page of my blog you’ll see this ‘feature box’ which I can change at any time to generate more email subscribers in exchange for my lead magnet giveaway.

optimize press 2.0 feature box example

It’s cool because I can put videos, opt-in boxes, and custom html into the feature box and customize it to suit my needs.

OptimizePress 2.0 Advertising

At the bottom of every blog post on this page is a space I can enable or disable at any time to put a banner advertising my current offer, lead magnet, or whatever I want to sell.

What’s cool about this is that in the future if I change my offer I can update every single banner across my entire site with the click of a button instead of manually having to go back and change them all.

This is what my banner looks like inside of the provided ad space at the bottom of every post:

optimizepress 2.0 bottom banner example

This right there ^^ is one of the biggest reasons I’m so excited to use OptimizePress 2.0 for this blog.

LeadPages for Even More Conversions

I already use LeadPages for 90% of all the lead capture pages that I build out for my businesses.

However, there’s another side to LeadPages that’s incredibly under-utilized. And that is: LeadBoxes.

LeadBoxes (comes with a subscription to LeadPages) allows you to do some pretty awesome stuff to increase your website conversions which I’ll show you here.

LeadBoxes Everywhere

Almost every banner on this website goes to a Popup LeadBox. Which basically means that when you click the banner, you stay on the page but a popup box opens up instead. It’s sexy.

Go ahead, click around, you’ll see.

LeadBox Popups

When you first came to this site you probably saw a popup box that looked something like this:

leadbox popup example

I configured that and installed it on my blog in less than 10 minutes using LeadPages.

LeadBox Exit Popups

When you eventually close this page, you’ll be prompted with another popup that looks similar to the one I showed you above.

This took less than 5 minutes because I just duplicated the LeadBox above and re-purposed it as an exit pop-up instead.

In total, I have 6 different ways to capture a new email subscriber on this blog:

  • Feature Box on the Home Page
  • Advertising Banners on the Bottom of Every Post
  • Pop Up Boxes
  • Exit Pop Up Boxes
  • Sidebar Banners (Multiples)
  • Calls to Action Inside of Blog Posts

If you want to get 1,000 email subscribers from your blog, you need to have a lot of different places for people to put in their email address. Period.

Starting a Blog From Scratch – Proof

Every week we’re going to measure against the rating system. It’s not 100% accurate but it’ll help us determine how well this blog is ranking against every other website on the planet.

As it stands, we’re sitting in the top 8,000,000 websites in the world.

alexa ranking for on 11-26-14 Ranking for on 11/26/14

I’ll also share the traffic stats with you as we move along in this journey. Right now when you look at the last few months of activity on this blog it’s at basically zero.

There’s a few hits recently from when I’ve tested this site on multiple devices and computers while I’ve been building it in my spare time, as well as some search engine crawlers. google analytics 11-26-14

Google Analytics for on 11-26-14

And here’s the brand new email list I created in Aweber to collect emails and track our progress over the next 30-60 days together.

aweber stats fbwc freebie 11-26-14

How to Take Full Advantage of What I’m Sharing With You

If it’s not obvious the way you’ll benefit the most from this series is if you’re blogging along with me, and implementing the stuff that I’m sharing that actually works.

There’s two options to do that:

1. Create Your Own WordPress Blog from Scratch

I’m not a total newbie and it still probably took me 15-20 hours to get both the tech side configured correctly and fill it with starter content.

So if you’ve got time to burn, and you love learning through frustration check out this WordPress Getting Started Guide.

2. Contact Me for a Done for You Solution

Skip the time it takes to set up a blog and get straight to content creation and marketing. I can help you get set up no matter what your budget is.

Just go to my contact page and let me know you need help setting up a new blog.

Are You Ready for Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers?

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