How to Promote Your Business on Facebook Without Being Overly Promotional or Spammy – Tip 1

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook Without Being Overly Promotional - Tip 1 - Blog Featured Image

One of the best ways to engage your audience and get them involved and EXCITED about what you’re about to release is to give them a little tease about what’s to come.

People actually like being teased, that’s why this is such a powerful way to promote your business without being ‘overly promotional’ as Facebook calls it.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Video Explanation

You can do short video clips of what you’re working on sort of like a movie trailer

Maybe even a behind the scenes shot of your film session, who you’re working with, one of your masterminds etc

Or even something as simple as talking about the blog post you’re finishing up before it’s even released.

You can even bring your friends into the fold with a call to action such as:

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Both are great ways to get the permission of your super fans to help distribute your content even before you’ve launched it.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Examples

There’s no better way for you to get new ideas on how you can promote your business on Facebook without being spammy than if I give you concrete examples of what I see as best practices.

Here’s a few of my friends and colleagues in different industries who are teasing their audiences quite well:

Justin and D Verrengia – Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast

Not only does this example highlight the logo of what’s about to be blasted all over the internet, Justin tells a great story about why he and his wife D Verrengia created Weird Entrepreneurs, and what people can expect when it launches.

Connect with Justin and D Verrengia at

Chris Stapleton – Limitless Entrepreneur

If you knew Chris, you’d be excited, right?

Follow Chris Stapleton on YouTube.

Chris Record – Internet Marketing Bar

A superior example of using video snippets from upcoming promotions to creatively engage your customers and get them excited for what’s coming.

The movie industry has done this for decades, because it works.

You can too.

Connect with Chris Record at

Drew Canole –

This post by Drew Canole is super smart for a few reasons:

1. Obviously it showcases the book, and that it’s coming soon.

2. Drew tells a little bit about the story behind the book and Why it’s so important.

3. He asks his audience for feedback on the cover. Brilliant.

Connect with Drew Canole at

Now that you’ve seen a few examples, what ideas do you have for teasing your audience?

Comment below!

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