How to Promote Your Business on Facebook Without Being Overly Promotional or Spammy – Tip 6

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook Without Being Overly Promotional - Tip 6 - Blog Featured Image

Quick tip to promote your business without being spammy…

This one is pretty ninja and fun to use because your audience gets to play along with you and get involved in the creative process of your business.

And you get to promote your business without really promoting your business 😉

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Ask for Opinions

Simply ask for the opinion of others (people LOVE sharing their opinion when given the chance lol)

So for example you can create a Facebook post and ask your friends and fans:

  • Which blog topic would you be more interested in?
  • Which logo do you like best?
  • Which of the following workshop titles would make you want to sign up?

This is a close cousin to the ‘tease your audience’ tip from the other day but a little more specific.

The reason this is soooo powerful is for a couple different reasons:

  1. Your audience will tell you EXACTLY what they want
  2. Your audience will be EXCITED to get their hands on whatever you’re putting together
  3. People feel involved and therefore closer to you and your projects (they’re invested)
  4. You and your business stay top of mind for your audience which is the most valuable real estate in the market

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Examples

There’s no better way for you to get new ideas on how you can promote your business on Facebook without being spammy than if I give you concrete examples of what I see as best practices.

Here’s a few of my friends and colleagues in different industries who are teasing their audiences quite well:

Nicole S. Cooper – Internet Marketer and Lifestyle Architect

When you start your podcast you have to choose a name that really resonates with your audience and the topics you’ll be speaking about. It’s an important decision.

Rather than make that decision on her own, Nicole asked her Facebook peeps what podcast title most appealed to them and if they had any additional feedback.

She got a LOT of feedback and now people are excited about her upcoming podcast!

Connect with Nicole Cooper at

Vick Strizheus – Traffic Expert

Before you do any sort of training, workshop, or product development you might want to survey your list and find out if they’re even interested in what you’re going to teach.

Vick took the screenshot below showcasing his results and asked his audience if they would be eager to learn more – and if they were, he would do a free training on it.

Pretty genius, right?

Connect with Vick Strizheus at

Kathi McKnight – Expert Handwriting Analyst

I really like the post that Kathi put together for two reasons:

1. She got great feedback for the best and most attractive title for her upcoming workshop.

2. She was able to blatantly promote her workshop coming up on February 8th without being overly promotional.

Simple, yet super effective.

Connect with Kathi McKnight at

Avram Gonzales – Creator of the FB Wealth Code

I created this post after something funny and interesting happened to me, and I was curious about what my FB friends would do if they were in my shoes. 

The responses were all across the board and so I took the opportunity to turn it into an important lesson in entrepreneurial success. So I filmed a video response to my own question and posted it 24 hours later and there were already people who were eager to see my answer.

Connect with Avram Gonzales on Facebook.

How do you like dem apples? =p

Question for you: Can you think of some other creative ways to get your audience involved in the creative process of your business?

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