How to Promote Your Business on Facebook Without Being Overly Promotional or Spammy – Tip 7

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You really want to take your business to the next level? (Pay close attention if you’re a coach or home business professional)

I can’t stress how powerful this is when done correctly – because just a few small words can make a huge difference and it’s easy to screw up and create negative goodwill with your potential customers.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Share Your Lifestyle Properly

When you share ‘lifestyle’ or behind the scenes type pictures showcasing the benefits of your business (time freedom, financial freedom, healthy living, spiritual fulfillment and inner peace) you want to share it in a way that will either:

  • Inspire people to step up in their own lives and feel good about doing so 
  • Inspire people to take action and look to you for guidance

 Here’s what separates the leaders from the a-holes – and it’s in HOW you share it…

More Direct: I’m doing this cool thing because I’m awesome and you’re not!

More Indirect and Inviting: I’m doing this cool thing and I’m excited to share it because this is possible for you too!

BIG difference right? And you’ve seen examples of both out there… One of them makes you feel kind of gross in the pit of your stomach while the other lights a fire inside of you.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – Examples

There’s no better way for you to get new ideas on how you can promote your business on Facebook without being spammy than if I give you concrete examples of what I see as best practices. Here’s a few of my friends and colleagues in different industries who are teasing their audiences quite well:

Jubril Agoro – Paid Marketing Specialist

Jubril can do his ‘work’ from anywhere in the world.

Since his passion is traveling, he’s always filming new stuff from various locations around the world and sharing them with his audience.

When people see how much fun he is having, they naturally want to know more about what he is doing.

You’ve got to check this video out because it’s just flat out epic.

Connect with Jubril at

Sarita D. Klees – Inspiring MumPreneur

You don’t have to travel to tropical locations to show off your lifestyle.

sarita d. klees bali

The simple fact that you’re able to be with your kids when everyone else is grinding away at work is enough to inspire others to become freedompreneurs.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Sarita was spending the day in paradise with her kiddos 😉

Connect with Sarita at

Justin Beasley – Internet Lifestyle Coach

My buddy Justin is always looking FRESH and positioning himself as a high end marketing specialist who everyone dreams of working with.

Plus, this post just wouldn’t be complete without a sexy new car pic!

Connect with Justin Beasley at

Fraser McDonald – Internet Lifestyle-Preneur

I could probably create a whole post dedicated to my buddy FMac…

This dude is the absolute king of sharing his lifestyle in a way that has other people pumped up and inspired to live their dreams.

Who wouldn’t want to join a dude that’s always having fun?

Connect with Fraser McDonald at

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook without Being Overly Promotional – More Examples

Now, there’s all sorts of ways that you can share your lifestyle to inspire others and you’ll notice they don’t have to be elaborate to be effective:

  • At the playground in the middle of the week with your kids (time freedom)
  • Doing something most people don’t get to do (time freedom, financial freedom)
  • Drinking green juices, getting your sweat on (healthy living)
  • Flying first class for the first time, or living it up in paradise (financial freedom)
  • Morning meditation, sharing your experience from this week’s service (spiritual fulfillment)

What really brings these ideas to life and creates an emotional connection with your customers is through picture and video! And for whatever reason, selfies are king!

Get your face in the picture and create that personal connection for outsiders looking in – and watch how it transforms your business and influence 🙂

And if it feels good, you can invite people to connect with you or visit your website to start having what you’re having!

Some people feel weird sharing ‘lifestyle’ type photos because they feel like they’re bragging. But the truth is, if you’re completely unwilling to share about yourself and your business it makes it pretty difficult to make a living.

If that’s you, I encourage you to do more of this because it will take you way outside of your comfort zone and create breakthroughs in your life that you probably never knew were possible. But, you’ll only see those breakthroughs if you actually do it 😉

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