What Do I Post on Facebook to Get More Engagement and Grow a Following

What Do I Post on Facebook

Growing a following and getting engagement on Facebook really comes down to two things:

1. What you post on a daily basis.

2. How you engage with others both inside and outside of your sphere of influence.

Today we’re going to answer a question I am constantly getting which is:

“What do I post on Facebook?”

And more specifically…

What types of content should you post on Facebook to get more engagement, grow your audience, and expand your reach?

After building a highly engaged and responsive following of literally thousands of people over the last four years solely through Facebook, I can boil my content down into three distinct types.

In the video below I’ll share with you the three types of content I share on a daily basis that have resulted in earning a multiple six-figure income from just Facebook.

What Do I Post on Facebook to Get More Engagement?

If you follow the formula below, consistently, you’re going to start seeing more people engage with your content in a meaningful way.

This isn’t about posting silly cat videos and internet memes all day… this is about creating the right combination of posts and content that will attract new fans, followers, and potential customers to your business.

People will go NUTS over this type of content, so that when you do promote something on Facebook your customers will actually be paying attention. (more on that in a bit)

Post Educational Content on Facebook

When I think Educational content I think “How to” do something.

  • How to tie a tie
  • How to fly a kite
  • How to get more engagement on Facebook (see what I did there? hehe)

If you can teach people something useful that’s related to your business, help someone improve their life, answer a question, or solve a problem – you’ve just become more valuable in their eyes.

That person is more likely to share your content and engage with you in the future because they see you as an authority on the subject of which you’re speaking.

Examples of Educational Content

  • How to Build Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet
  • 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Marriage
  • How to Get Free Leads Using Facebook Video
  • 6 Closing Lines You Can Use to Get More Sales on the Phone

And one of my personal favorites and most successful posts: 7 Steps to Create More Luck Using Law of Attraction (see below)

Post Inspirational Content on Facebook

Inspirational content provokes feelings and emotions that pull at the heart strings of every human being. Not everything that’s inspirational has to make you cry, but it does have to move you from the inside.

Whether you create it yourself (that’s preferred) or you’re sharing it from someone else, posting inspirational content allows others to see you as a source of light and inspiration.

When people think of Inspiration, they think of me.

That’s a valuable place to be depending on the nature of your business.

Examples of Inspirational Content

  • Your Personal Story of Triumph
  • A Client or Teammates Breakthrough Story
  • Something You Personally Witnessed or Heard About with a Lesson
  • How You Applied Something You Learned and Transformed

People love the ‘Heroes Journey” where there is a struggle, and a triumph.

The contrast between the two is what makes the traditional “Rags to Riches” story so inspiring.

Keep that in mind when creating your own inspirational content.

Post Entertaining Content

The entertainment industry is HUGE! That’s why people pay $10-15+ just to go to the movies for a laugh.

People use Facebook for the same reason. They spend their time on the platform hoping to be entertained in some way.

If you can be that person who brings a smile to someone’s face, that’s gold.

Remember, to be entertaining what you post doesn’t have to be funny, but it does have to rouse a curiosity and general interest from the consumer of your content.

Examples of Entertaining Content

  • Something Funny or Interesting that Happened to You (People Love This)
  • A Video of “A Day in the Life of You”
  • Sharing Your Visit to an Object or Place of Importance
  • A Vulnerable Share (Reveal Something People Don’t Know About You)

Most importantly, share video! People love watching and consuming video. We’re addicted.

I shared this video of my partner Nikki and I racing down an Alpine Slide and got some seriously surprising engagement which you can see in the post below.

We also had our LeadPages capture page link attached and generated a ton of free leads from posting this fun video on my Facebook timeline.

We wrote a free eBook which you can get here that outlines the psychology behind why this worked so well and how you can duplicate something similar for your business.

So Now What?

While some of these steps may seem elementary or unrelated to getting more leads and sales on Facebook…

They’re absolutely necessary.

You can’t skip this stuff if you want to make money off of Facebook in the long run. You just can’t.

Gary Vaynerchuk explains in his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook just how important it is to engage your audience with the right content to make them actually WANT to pay attention to you versus another company or someone else.

Because if you don’t have people’s attention when you ask for the share, ask for the favor, or ask for the sale… then you have no sale. And you have no business.

Read this article again if you’re not getting the results you want from Facebook, because it means you’re probably trying to skip over something here that will help you in the long run.

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